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  • Amir



    Web Developer

    520Indicative day rate
    Amir strives to create pixel-perfect front-end responsive websites. Always following best practices, he is a reliable web developer who delivers maintainable and clean code. His WordPress and Node.js give him the ability to also support clients in the back-end. Thanks to his proactive attitude, his communicative skills, and flexibility, he seamlessly adapts to new working environments and quickly integrates into any team conditions. ...

    previously at


    6+ years experience in

    • Web Developer
    • CSS
    • Node.js
    • Responsive UI
    • WordPress
    • +4 more
    Work with Amir
  • Andrea



    Senior Mobile Developer

    680Indicative day rate
    Andrea is a Senior iOS Developer, Architect, and Engineering Manager with 10 years of experience encompassing a wide range of skills, from electronics, software design to people management, and product strategy. Her industry experience is recognizable from Health Care, Education, Information technologies, and services. She possesses above-average communication skills and great sensibility to people....

    previously at


    10+ years experience in

    • Swift
    • iOS
    • Team Lead
    • Swift UI
    • Objective-C
    • +4 more
    Work with Andrea
  • Daniel



    Senior Node.js Developer

    550Indicative day rate
    Daniel is a Full Stack Web developer with emphasis on the backend. He has 6+ years of experience in developing Business and Financial applications. He is familiar with the full development lifecycle, from planning to implementation and deployment. Daniel is passionate about big projects that require heavy involvement, a comprehensive understanding of the business domain and strong planning skills....

    previously at


    6+ years experience in

    • Angular
    • Node.js
    • React
    • TypeScript
    • Firebase
    • MongoDB
    • +4 more
    Work with Daniel
  • Ina



    Senior Node.js Developer

    750Indicative day rate
    Ina specializes in web-based architectures and mobile software, with an eye for user-centred design and marketing. She has a strong focus on code maintainability and clean design, with an understanding of all the layers of the system architecture. Ina has experience in leading teams using Agile processes and employing industry best practices to ensure software quality and smooth delivery. All this is topped with her entrepreneurial background, with on-field expertise in business operations, product design, UX and digital marketing....

    previously at


    10+ years experience in

    • Node.js
    • Ruby
    • React
    • Ruby on Rails
    • +6 more
    Work with Ina
  • David



    Senior UI Designer

    620Indicative day rate
    David has 7+ years of experience at a digital agency, and he has completed projects for both large corporations and startups. He specializes in complex, digital products and platforms with a State-of-the-art Design and leans UX. ...

    previously at


    7+ years experience in

    • Design Thinking
    • UI Design
    • Ideation
    • Prototyping
    • Service Design
    • +5 more
    Work with David
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Andre Vella
Hey Car

The delivery has been phenomenal! We’ve never seen such a fast turnaround with such amazing profiles.

Andre Vella

Former Chief Technology Officer

Maximilian Lober

MVP Match has established itself as our trusted tech partner. They have supported us from our first MVP to our full-featured product, and I am very happy to know that I can count on their flexibility and speed in the future.

Maximilian Lober

Co-Founder & CEO

Sam Love

Match really took the time to understand our needs - not just the skillset we were looking for, but also the attitude and energy that would deliver the maximum impact to our organisation. The candidates they presented were all great in different ways and the freelancers that joined ONE quickly felt like part of the team. I was impressed with how quickly they were able to deliver value and felt supported by the Match team every step of the way.

Sam Love

Chief Product Officer

Timmo Freudl-Gierke
Oliver wyman

The Data Engineer provided by Match was outstanding. We are looking forward to tackling many more challenges with him in the future.

Timmo Freudl-Gierke

Director of Engineering


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With in-house Product, Design & Engineering experts, and our close collaboration with our sister-company, MVP Factory, we’re able to consult on a range of topics for any cases that are still a little unclear, or where you may need an expert’s opinion. We offer all our clients free consultations with our experts, and can switch a project from freelancer-only, to a fully outsourced, managed service - ideating, validating, designing, building and scaling digital products end-to-end.


MVP Factory specialise in partnering with businesses, of all sizes, to explore digital business models and products, validating and designing industry-leading user experiences.


MVP Factory are experts in managing and executing full product builds, or specific components of a roadmap that need to be outsourced - always with a tech agnostic & agile approach.

MVP Factory can work in close collaboration with your internal product teams, or independently, with clear delivery milestones and a tailored approach to best suit the project.

MVP Factory


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