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We cover all expertise

  • UI Design
  • Photoshop
  • Figma
  • Illustrator
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Mockflow
  • Balsamiq
  • Axure
  • Adobe Comp
  • Sketch
  • InVision Studio
  • Craft
  • Adobe XD
  • Marvel
  • Zeplin
  • Flinto
  • Webflow
  • FlowMapp
  • Processing
  • Lean Software Skills
  • User Advocacy
  • Prototyping

Meet some of our top UI Designers

From years of experience building complex enterprise software solutions, we have built a pool of the strongest UI Designers in Europe. Now they are available at your fingertips.

  • Lara



    Senior UI Designer

    690Indicative day rate
    Lara is an advertising specialist and multidisciplinary designer. She was significantly involved in campaigns for companies like Deutsche Telekom, BMW, Volkswagen, Unilever or Beiersdorf and has worked for well-known creative agencies all over Germany....

    previously at


    10+ years experience in

    • Branding & Identity
    • Art Direction
    • UI Design
    • Automotive
    • +5 more
    Work with Lara
  • David



    Senior UI Designer

    620Indicative day rate
    David has 7+ years of experience at a digital agency, and he has completed projects for both large corporations and startups. He specializes in complex, digital products and platforms with a State-of-the-art Design and leans UX. ...

    previously at


    7+ years experience in

    • Design Thinking
    • UI Design
    • Ideation
    • Prototyping
    • Service Design
    • +5 more
    Work with David
  • Jan



    Senior UI Designer

    670Indicative day rate
    Since 2010 Jan has been involved in long term freelance branding, art direction and digital executions. He has strong design-driven work experience with a deep understanding of brand psychology and launching global campaigns in analogue and digital spheres....

    previously at


    9+ years experience in

    • Branding & Identity
    • UI Design
    • Art Direction
    • Typography
    • +4 more
    Work with Jan
  • John



    Senior UI Designer

    670Indicative day rate
    John has over 20 years of professional work experience in design from digital product to service design and experience design. John loves to enhance his immediate surroundings and make people happier....

    previously at


    20+ years experience in

    • Branding & Identity
    • Art Direction
    • UI Design
    • UX Design
    • Music Entertainment
    • +5 more
    Work with John
  • Linda



    Senior UI Designer

    690Indicative day rate
    Linda is a web designer with 16 years of extensive expertise in senior art direction and design management. Over the course of her career, she has worked with various clients from the automotive, retail, travel and consumer goods industry....

    previously at


    16+ years experience in

    • Branding & Identity
    • UI Design
    • UX Design
    • Consumer Goods
    • +7 more
    Work with Linda
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The delivery has been phenomenal! We’ve never seen such a fast turnaround with such amazing profiles.

Andre Vella
Hey Car
Andre VellaFormer Chief Technology Officer

Success story

How we helped Heycar scale their engineering team and roll-out to European markets

During a period of hyper-growth, Heycar struggled to hire full time talent quickly enough to successfully deliver their ambitious roadmap. Since 2019, we’ve helped to bridge the gap, by providing elite engineering, design and product talent. We’ve supported heycar with seamlessly integrated freelancers, working across core product features, and full SCRUM teams for an international roll-out, enabling them to build sustainably and deliver at exceptional speed.

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Combining our exclusive network of exceptional tech talent with our deep understanding of building successful digital products, we help you build product teams that just do more.

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Our Elites have worked at companies like

  • facebook
  • google
  • rga
  • skype
  • n26
  • ibm
  • hasso
  • zalando
  • akqa
  • spotify
  • oracle
  • adobe
  • microsoft
  • deloitte
  • arm

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We are the only player with deep product expertise that offers vetted talent with a transparent pricing!

MVP Match has established itself as our trusted tech partner. They have supported us from our first MVP to our full-featured product, and I am very happy to know that I can count on their flexibility and speed in the future.

Maximilian Lober
Maximilian LoberCo-Founder & CEO

Success story

How we helped Voya launch their MVP and scale to a successful exit

The founders at Voya had a clear vision, but no technical expertise to execute it. We helped them scope the MVP and create a product roadmap, before equipping them with a product team that led them to launch. We adjusted the team continuously to scale, followed by a successful exit to Volkswagen Financial Services.

How we select our Match elites

Our proven selection process consists of multiple interviews, thorough background checks and coding exams, which filter out the top 3% of our applicants.

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    Talent is equally distributed accross the world. We get applications from our elite communities around the globe.

  • 25%


    New applicants answer a set of predefined questions, which allow us to filter only the best for an interview.

  • 15%

    Initial interview

    In the first interview, we test language & communication skills, cultural fit and alignment of values before we test the applicant’s technical capabilities.

  • 8%

    Tech test

    We test the candidates technical knowledge in an assignment. This can be a code review, a problem to solve or a set of questions to answer.

  • 5%

    Tech interview

    In the technical interview, we discuss the tech test with the applicants and stress-test their technical knowledge. Only 3% of applicants make it beyond this stage.

  • 3%

    Proven elites

    We continuously assess the Elites performance through 360-degree reviews. Only the 3% top performers stay within our community.