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Tech Freelancing is broken You deserve better than this.

Software eats the world

Software eats the world

Digital transformation, especially to Industry 4.0 Technologies (AI, ML, IoT, AR, VR) is critical for a successful standing in the coming decade.

Great talent deserves diversity and purpose

Great talent deserves diversity and purpose

Locking great tech talents into single, long-term projects that do not fit their skills is not making them happy, but inefficient. The brightest minds out there like variety, challenge, and opportunity to build new skills. Long-term projects without dedicated talent fail to deliver these opportunities and learning curves.

Being a freelancer can be hard...
Unnecessarily hard.

Being a freelancer can be hard...
Unnecessarily hard.

Pitching yourself, networking with clients, selecting the right project, negotiating with clients, getting feedback, Chasing payments, resolving conflicts. You are all on your own. Who can you trust? It does not need to be that way.

The future will be freelance

The future will be freelance

The future of work will be that of (remote) cross-functional dedicated freelance teams, with just the right skills to get the job done.

Building tech teams needs to be more agile

Building tech teams needs to be more agile

An agile/just-in-time approach is not only delivering much more value to talent, but also make the process more efficient, less costly, less risky and reduces the turnover and frustration. Its just makes software development what it is supposed to be: A fun adventure for everyone involved, where bright minds collaborate together to create awesome products that delight users and become the best version of themselves along the way.

Traditional tech freelance recruiting is broken

Traditional tech freelance recruiting is broken

It's not transparent and not freelancer-centric. Instead of focussing on talent experience and getting talent a job with purpose, that matches their skills the focus of recruiters lies on commissions that are not transparent to the freelancer and ridiculously high. Afterward, talent is left alone.

tech freelancers choose Match

Just the right projects for you

Great projects with purpose and screened with our technical expertise to perfectly match you.

Make the most of yourself

We consult you in how to present yourself and get those projects that perfectly match you.

Do only what you love

Focus on your project, while we take care of the rest - new projects, negotiating rates, resolving conflicts - we have your back.

Get meaningful feedback

We provide regular feedback collected from our clients, giving you the basis personal and professional growth.

You are the center of attention

Your are just as important as our clients. We are here to listen to you and understand your point of view, your goals and ambitions.

Keep 100% of your market rate

We have a fair transparent fee, so you can keep 100% of your market rate - nothing to hide.

  • Silviu S.

    I love the flexibility of working with MVP Match. The diversity of projects to work on keeps me focused and constantly learning new technologies. Being with MVPF never gets boring.

    Silviu S.

  • Mehdi B.

    Almost 2 years with MVP Match have been the best in my professional career. I’ve worked with very skilled people, new technologies on each new project and reached a stable and really good financial situation. - Try Match! It will be worth it!

    Mehdi B.

  • Marius R.

    I like flexible while working on projects and love the perfect management approach. A wide variety of nice projects with cool technologies never gets me bored.

    Marius R.

  • Andrei R.

    Great autonomy in working on projects. There is a great diversity in project challenges and team members and you can always count on consistency in processes.

    Andrei R.

  • Andrei M.

    I love the flexibility and stability while always working on new challenges projects using the latest technologies instead of having to deal with legacy systems.

    Andrei M.

  • Alex T.

    Hands down the best way of doing freelance. Professional team. Organized. No surprises.

    Alex T.

  • Alex A.

    Well managed projects with no client stress keep me flexible, so I can perfectly focus on putting my core skills to work and grow personally and professionally.

    Alex A.

How you can join the Community


Apply Send us a short application containing some information about you.


We get to know
each other Once we have a first matching gig for you, we are going to invite you to our screening process. We get to know you on a personal and technical level, understand your strengths and weaknesses, discuss your project preferences and how to best present you.


We propose you
to our clients If you pass our screening process we propose you to one of our clients, who will usually want to get to know you over a video call or on-site meeting. In any case, you are now a member of our community and will ping you when we have new opportunities for you.


We start
working If our clients approve your application, we can start working together.

The next gig could be yours!

Here are some examples of projects our Elites have been working on over the past years.

  • Oh this extension is really great news! Thanks a lot guys, I'm really happy about that. It's such a nice place to work. I hope that I can continue with MVP Match this year after this contract.


    Freelance Frontend Engineer

    How we helped Hey Car scale their engineering team and roll-out to European markets

    While blitzscaling, Hey Car could not hire talent fast enough. Since 2019, we bridge the gap by proving elite engineering, design and product talent from individuals to full SCRUM teams for international roll-out, enabling them to ship better products faster at optimal cost efficiency.

  • I know have been working with the guys from Match on various projects in the past 2 years. Working with MVP Match was my best experience of working with an agency so far.


    Freelance Product Director

    How we helped WeFox build their product organization for scale

    Growing fast, Wefox needed product talent with branch relevant experience, the capability to lead, set up processes and transfer knowledge to the internal team. Within a week two Match Product Directors started working allowing the CPO to focus on strategic topics instead of HR and product process.

  • MVP Matchs transparency with their clients and freelancers makes the difference. I didn't feel rushed or pressured working with MVPF when on a project. There is a variety of projects to choose from in the areas of Data Science and Machine Learning.


    Freelance Data Engineer

    How we helped Oliver Wyman deliver business results though Data Engineering Experts.

    Oliver Wyman needed specific Data Engineering skills. We matched them with a candidate in less than 24 hours. Our Elite came up with an unthought-of solution reducing effort needed by over 75%, improving data processing speed by 20x and generating significant cost savings for OW and their clients.