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We match you with exciting, challenging projects side-by-side with inspiring people, so you can grow personally and professionally while doing the work you love, every day!

Work for companies like:

  • Taxfix
  • heycar

Freelance is broken.You deserve better than this.

Why freelancers choose Match

  • Just the right projects for you

    Great projects with purpose and screened with our technical expertise to perfectly match with you.

  • Make the most of yourself

    Advice on how to present & develop your skills, what kind of projects to go for and how to navigate the world of freelance are all part of our service.

  • Do what you love

    Focus on your project, while we take care of the rest - new projects, negotiating rates, resolving conflicts - we have your back.

  • Get meaningful feedback

    We provide regular feedback collected from our clients, giving you the basis for personal and professional growth.

  • You are the real MVP

    You are just as important as our clients. We are here to listen to you and understand your point of view, your goals and ambitions. We are always here for a coffee chat.

  • Keep 100% of your market rate

    We have a fair, transparent 20% (min. €120 per day) commission, that we charge our clients. You keep 100% of your market rate - nothing to hide.

After you join a project on MVP Factory you’ll find out almost immediately that you did the right thing. Your coworkers are ones of the best developers you can think of, 99% of the work is done remotely so you can do it from anywhere in the world and last but not least the project has a “startup culture” which really values creative thinking, open communication and a flat hierarchy.

Andrei M.

Senior JavaScript Developer

The project was amazing and I am sad and nostalgic it ended. The team was great, the correct tech choices were made and I feel everything could not have gone any smoother.

Ana P

UX Designer

Even though I have other offers on the table I still want to continue to support the team, because I feel I owe that to you after the amazing job you have done for me. The past months have been an invaluable experience for me and I learned a lot in how to manage a team and deal with new challenges.

Mark K

Product Manager

I love the flexibility of working with MVP Factory. The diversity of projects to work on keeps me focused and constantly learning new technologies. Being with MVPF never gets boring.

Paul M


flexibility, stability, there are always new projects (not legacy ones) developed using the latest technologies

Karl W


The project was one of the best I had so far, the technology stack was great, the onboarding super smooth, the team was incredibly helpful and proactive. Everytime I had a problem, there were already 3 people on it and helping me out. I love how you guys handle the full process digitally on your platform. Every interaction was so smooth. I wish, it would be like to his everywhere

Karthik Kapoor


I love the flexibility of working with MVP Factory. The diversity of projects to work on keeps me focused and constantly learning new technologies. Being with MVPF never gets boring.

Leslie W


Who is it for?

Engineers of all technologies in

  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Full-Stack
  • DevOps
  • Mobile
  • Software Architecture
  • Engineering Managers
  • Interim CTOs


  • Product Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Agile/Product Coaches
  • Interim CPOs
  • SCRUM Masters
  • Business Analysts


  • UX Designers
  • UI Designers
  • Service Designers
  • User Reserarchers
  • Motion Designers
  • Brand Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Product Designers

Data Experts

  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Engineers
  • User Reserarchers
  • BI Experts
  • Machine Learning / AI Experts

All project locations welcome

  • on-site
  • remote (mostly Europe)
  • hybrid

Want to bring your team? We are working with:

  • Studios
  • Dev Shops
  • Experienced Teams

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Some of the challenges waiting for you

The Data Engineer provided by Match was outstanding. We are looking forward to tackling many more challenges with him in the future.

Timmo Freudl-Gierke

Director of Engineering

The delivery has been phenomenal! We’ve never seen such a fast turnaround with such amazing profiles.

Andre Vella

Former Chief Technology Officer

MVP Match has established itself as our trusted tech partner. They have supported us from our first MVP to our full-featured product, and I am very happy to know that I can count on their flexibility and speed in the future.

Maximilian Lober

Co-Founder & CEO

Match really took the time to understand our needs - not just the skillset we were looking for, but also the attitude and energy that would deliver the maximum impact to our organisation. The candidates they presented were all great in different ways and the freelancers that joined ONE quickly felt like part of the team. I was impressed with how quickly they were able to deliver value and felt supported by the Match team every step of the way.

Sam Love

Chief Product Officer