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Help us reinvent how digital teams are built, so they can build the amazing digital products of tomorrow.


We connect the world's best tech talent with the most ambitions companies to solve challenging problems and create amazing digital products, that delight their users.


Our vision is to become the world's leading partner for companies to manage their digital talent strategy and for talent to build a successful & fulfilling freelance career.

we believe...

The future of digital product building cannot be handled by perm teams

The future of digital product building cannot be handled by perm teams

Innovative companies will need an increasing volume & variety of specific digital expertise, that will evolve so quickly, that they will struggle to build these skills internally or permanently hire them.

To keep up with with the pace of innovation and acquire these critical digital competencies, digital leaders will need to augment their core teams with a remote, on-demand workforce.

talent recruiting
is broken

On-demand talent recruiting is broken

A missing bridge between business and tech world and ruthless non-technical recruiters in between, playing both sides, have led to a strong feeling of distrust in an industry that should be all about connecting talent and businesses to create delighting user experiences.

We feel we need to focus back on maximizing the experience for both sides by connecting amazing people to create amazing software together - in a frictionless, fully transparent and trustful way.

Agile IT projects need agile talent supply

Agile IT projects need agile talent supply

The nature of agile software development is constantly changing requirements and challenges that require leaner and agile structures.

To maximize productivity and the quality of delivery, digital leaders need to address each of these challenges with just the right talent for the job.

This can only be achieved through a highly skilled and diverse liquid workforce organized in purpose-built teams.

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Open-minded and flat company structure, where taking leadership is welcomed. "Take as you need" vacation policy & remote work supported.
Build a network of companies and people all over the world and share knowledge with the thought leaders in the tech industry.
Individual learning & conferencing budget, occasional pop-up offices around the world and regular team events - we celebrate our successes together.
Welcome to our 29th floor, light-infused office with chillout area and a truly breathtaking view over Berlin.
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