Don’t build a career.

Build the #futureofwork

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You look for a team.
You end up finding friends.

Empathy &

Sharing is caring, and we don’t mean that slice of pizza. Sometimes it’s happy tears and celebrating, sometimes it’s being vulnerable and knowing that others have your back.

Piotr Szałkiewicz
Chief Growth Officer

“This connection we have and the support we show to each other is what makes this team kick ass in our jobs.”

Quality time

Offsites, workation, fancy dinners, and fun games – that’s a no-brainer. For us, though, every day is a reason to celebrate and every occasion is good to spend time together.


Break the status quo.
Imagine the unimaginable.
Reach the unexpected.

Support and

Do you need your own cheerleader? At Match you get plenty because seeing each other succeed is our biggest flex.

Marta Kuźma
Content & Social media

“I have a folder on my desktop with Stef’s pep talks to read through when I’m down.”

Space to

#Growth requires space to try new things, support when you struggle, and people who stand behind you. At Match getting out of your comfort zone gets comfortable.


Take your space.
Cherish your uniqueness.
Stay fearless.

You do

Diverse & inclusive workforce isn’t a goal itself. It’s the outcome of our mindset. We’ve found our people among different cultures, identities, and lifestyles because we simply look for the best. Let’s pop those social bubbles together.

Svetlana Perminova
Talent Architect

“I’ve never felt like I should censor myself. Match encourages me to do the opposite.”

The rules are
there to break

It’s good to have a process in place, but it’s even better to know how to make the most of going against the flow. New ideas are welcome. New perspectives inspire us to grow.

We match the world's builders and visionaries to create a better future. The #futureofwork is now. It’s built by individuals who find passion and meaning in what they do. It’s built by companies that make Mondays a reason to celebrate, not to dread. We work on the best employee experience in-house to lead by example. Powerful communities are built by teams that share a purpose. Is this yours?


Women in
lead roles


Years booked of
freelance work


Continents represented
on the team

The work-life balance
you need to thrive

Flexible work culture

Work when you feel like it. We care about delivery, not the pointless hours spent staring at your screen. Early birds, night owls, families, travelers, explorers – we’ve got you covered.

Work from anywhere

An HQ on the 29th floor with a 270° view of Berlin? Got it! A cool local coworking space wherever you’re based? On us. A fancy setup on a remote beach? Treat yourself, but share the pics!

Take-as-you-need vacation

We believe that we’re all on a mission to change the world for the better. You know best how much time you need to rest, recharge, and find your balance to keep your spirits and motivation high.

Personal wellbeing program

What puts a smile on your face? Whether it’s a SPA, a weekend getaway, sports classes, or some personal counseling sessions – you get an extra budget to keep yourself healthy and happy.

Exciting off-sites and workation

Don’t ask where. Share your bucket list and it’s part of the plan. Scavenger hunt or paintball? Cool. But sometimes all we need is a sunny beach, so let’s book the tickets together.

Flat structure and autonomy

We choose communication over supervision. Leaders are there to work with, not for. You get all the space you need to grow and all the support it takes in the meantime. Take ownership.

Jobs, jobs, jobs.
Find your spot!

Business Development & Client Growth
2 open positions

Account Manager


We're looking for strategic & solutions-focused individuals to help our clients navigate and succeed in delivering scalable solutions

Sales Development Representative


We're looking for strategic & solutions-focused individuals to help our clients navigate and succeed in delivering scalable solutions

1 open position

Finance Manager


As Finance Manager, your responsibilities will include overseeing end-to-end finance operations, financial planning and analysis, balance sheet reconciliations, looking to make improvements to procedures and controls, as well as ad-hoc projects and requests as and when they come up.

Internal Talent & People Operations
1 open position

Internal Recruiter


Working with the Head of Talent Acquisition, you will be responsible for hiring roles across Tech, Product, Marketing, Sales and Talent Acquisition. You’ll deal with stakeholders on our Leadership team, attracting and leading candidates through our recruitment process, looking to more than double the size of the company during 2022.

Community Talent Operations
2 open positions

Recruitment Coordinator


Ensure all talent is moving through our screening process fast, without getting stuck and with a great experience.

Talent Architect


This role sits as integral part of the 'matching' process, partnering with both clients & our freelance talent to connect them on the best projects.

Community Growth & Talent Acquisition
1 open position

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager - Tech


Build authentic employer branding initiatives to drive consistent interest from the best candidates.

Marketing Operations
1 open position

Senior Web Developer


As Senior Web Developer you will play a crucial role that determines our success.

Product Management & Technology
2 open positions

Snr Data Engineer


We believe the future of hiring is going to be data driven. Come and help us leverage our data to ensure the best talent get the best projects.

Snr FE Engineer (REACT)


Come and help build the platform that delivers our clients and talent unparalleled service.

Peek behind the scenes

A workplace that makes you write songs about it
Making our CEO cry
“Hearing your highlights of 2021 I see that Match has become a workplace I wished for it to be.”
Levin Wense
No birthdays go unnoticed
Always a good reason to be OOO
“I’m out shark diving today so also out of office!”
Break a rib and get flowers
Supporting each other’s New Year’s resolutions
“For anyone who needs a reminder. You can DEFINITELY buy a whole cake and eat it. Just because. You don’t need a reason. You deserve it!” (of course with regards to proper dietary restrictions and regulations)
Always a good track on hand
#mentalhealth is no taboo
“Had a tough therapy session. Canceling today’s meetings, sorry 😬”
Our dogs make friends like there was no tomorrow
We’ve got the best bodyguards
When #drama happens you’re not alone
“Crisis is over, I have a coffee machine. Thank you all for your participation.”
Working from a nice spot? You’re obligated to share pics.
No jokes
Like… O B L I G A T E D
Same if you have a pet. It is what it is.